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something unique for your next event! nitro pop catering

Looking for a different Treat for Events?

Nitro Pop Catering began in 2013.   Founder, Jason Shah, thought liquid nitrogen and popcorn would be a good combination. He tested the idea and Nitro Pop was booked for one event. The captivating treat, after 6 years, is now served at over 100 events per year.  Book Nitro Pop for your next event for a unique entertaining treat!

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Giving Back

We went to Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles to give out some free popcorn!

About Us

Jason Shah, Founder with his Wife Kelly and newborn daughter.

From the Founder

My father had a kettle popcorn machine and every Wednesday afternoon he made popcorn that filled my childhood with simple happiness.  While growing up, my uncle always encouraged me to "be my own boss" so I left the corporate world in 2013 and Uncle Pops was born. I'm driven by my desire to spread that childhood joy to friends and family around the world.

-Jason Shah, Founder/Creator 

Nitro Pop Ice Cream, a Los Angeles Popcorn Treat that can be catered at any event

Innovative Popcorn


Today we’re a team of popcorn innovators bringing new technology to a timeless treat, and it’s the blend of forward-thinking creativity with a passion for traditions that’ll shine in our presence.  Uncle Pops creates new recipes for popcorn with sweet and savory options for every palette. 


Hatch Chile Lime Popcorn sold in Southern California Grocery

our philosophy

We believe everybody should have the opportunity to be happy, so its our goal to make you smile, laugh, and feel good with our popcorn.

Uncle Pops Popcorn, founded 2013 Gardena,CA, makes innovative popcorn in array of tantalizing flavors for a tasty result and most importantly reminds you to appreciate the simple things in life.  And we’re bringing that simple deliciousness to everybody around the world.

As new food company, we believe that our products should be high quality, healthy, and innovative while addressing market needs.  Sustainability , non-gmo ingredients, clean recipes that incorporate technology and creativity pave the path for popcorn concepts like Hatch Chile Popcorn, Nitro Pop, Green Tea Popcorn, and High Protein Popcorn. Read more below to learn about our contract manufacturing and R+D services. 

create your own label - Co-Pack/ Contract Manufacutring services

Interested in launching a new popcorn product? We can help. As you may know healthy snacks are becoming more popular.  Now is your chance to launch your own popcorn product. Check out our copacking website for more information. 


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